1. Who is an emergency coordinator?
    An emergency coordinator (EmCo) is a person who, at the request of an individual or a family in an emergency caused by
    a) Death
    b) Any unforeseen or unexpected eventuality
    will assist that individual / family to attend to and handle the situation.

  2. Who are the EmCos?
    Visit the OKA-Emergency Coordination page for the detailed list of contacts.

  3. Are the EmCos supported by a team?
    Yes visit here for details. Volunteers with relevant experience and knowledge who would like to help, contact the EPP Coordinator at oka-epp@ontario-konkanis

  4. What is the key role of an EmCo?
    The key role of an EmCo is to provide all the necessary information and assistance which an individual/family may need during the emergency. This information/assistance may be related to the Funeral homes or Pundit/priest for the rituals or contacting people or giving company etc.

    When a request is received from an individual/family, the EmCo will either handle the call personally or will liaise with another EmCo or the substitute. For example, if a person living in the West calls an EmCo in the East, the EmCo in the East will approach the EmCo or his teammates in the West and vice versa or will handle it personally.

  5. Is the role of an EmCo just to provide information?
    The primary role of an EmCo is to provide information/guidance to the individual/family during an emergency. However, on a need basis or on request from the family members, the EmCo may assist the family members with some of the formalities or mobilize people to support the individual/family. On request, the EmCo will assist the family during the funeral service.

  6. Is it necessary for the families contacting the EmCos to go only with the options provided by the EmCo?
    No. The EmCos have information, based on the experience of other OKA members. The information they provide is just indicative or should be used as guidance. The family members are free to use Funeral homes or Pundits or any other services of their choice.

  7. Will the EmCo swing into action voluntarily without being asked for help?
    No. OKA members will be made aware of the EmCos and their roles through OKA web and other communication channels. The EmCos will act or provide information once help is sought by the individual/family members. In exceptional cases where the family members are in a state of shock or do not know what to do next, the EmCo may offer help.

  8. What are the legal liabilities of OKA-EPP and people associated with this program?
    The EmCo and the team members are volunteers without any monitory benefit. Their role is to only provide information and/or support to the best of their ability and knowledge. OKA-EPP Team and volunteers are not legally responsible for any damages or inconveniences caused by the assistance and/or services provided.

  9. Can an individual/ family in need of assistance, reach out to the EmCos during any time of the day?
    The EmCos can be reached 24/7, 365 days. If the primary contact cannot be reached, alternative/backup contact mentioned in question # 3 can be reached.

  10. Can people outside OKA contact the emergency coordinators?
    The OKA-EPP is a value-added program exclusively for the benefit of OKA members. However, OKA member including OKA-EPP Team members may extend kindness or help on their own to anyone.

  11. Are the OKA-EPP services available to people living outside the GTA and surrounding area?
    Efforts will be made to provide information/support to anyone who approaches the Team.



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